April 23, 2019

Guide to Neighborhood Restaurants in Munich

Discover Munich's greatest neighborhood restaurants

We proudly present our first weekly edition of the travelloc guide to neighborhood restaurants.
Every week we will feature a city around the world with a selection of great neighborhood restaurants. This week we feature neighborhood restaurants in Munich.

So, what makes neighborhood restaurants truly great? Firstly a neighborhood restaurant has to be affordable. Secondly, the atmosphere should be cozy and bring people together. Lastly, it should feel like home and a place where you could eat out every day of the week.

This sums up our criteria for the perfect neighborhood restaurant. Don’t feel bamboozled by the value for money in restaurants anymore, our guide will show you nothing more than the real deal. Expect city experts, who know their city like the back of their hand, to be featured in some of our neighborhood city guides.
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Servus Munich

In the first edition, we will show you the best neighborhood restaurants in Munich, a city often associated with Schnitzel and Oktoberfest, has so many different cuisine types to offer. Over the years Munich has established a growing restaurant scene.
Although, Bavarian food is still extremely present Munich has a wide variety of Italian restaurants and sometimes is jokingly considered to be the most northern part of Italy. So, it just seems reasonably that we kick off the list with an Italian restaurant:

1.Passaparola, Haidhausen

Super cozy Italian restaurant in the neighborhood of Haidhausen. The menu features unpretentious Italian cuisine from homemade pasta to one of the best pizzas in town. You can sit at the pizza bar and enjoy a glass of wine while watching the pizza bubbling away in the wood-fired oven. A place where you feel welcomed to dine in every day of the week.

2.Kreta Grill, Schwabing

Kreta Grill is an intimate greek restaurant in the neighborhood of Schwabing. This place transfers you mentally directly to the Greek islands. It has everything you expect from a Greek restaurant in Greece from the vibe to the interior. The restaurant is really small but they have a huge terrace where you basically sit at a really long table. Expect fresh fish and greek classics like gyros or souvlaki.

3.Benko, Maxvorstadt/Schwabing

Such a lovely and fun place in the neighborhood of Maxvorstadt/Schwabing. The menu often changes but there remain some Benko classics like a daily soup or entrecôte with vegetables. The restaurant itself is rather small but they have a lovely terrace at a quite mellow street. Above all, the owner is a super charismatic and funny man with a lovely French accent who makes this place feel like home.

4.Il Melograno, Neuhausen

Located in the area of Neuhausen Italian restaurant Il Melograno is a definitely a neighborhood favorite. The menu features everything from basic pasta dishes up to high-quality meat. Indeed, there is something for every taste. Furthermore, the terrace of Il Melograno is something else. Placed directly at a really quiet street the terrace is a well-being oasis that is covered by trees.

5.Usagi, Isarvorstadt

The Japanese restaurant is based in the neighborhood of Isarvorstadt. The place is small and the atmosphere is intimate and welcoming. The place serves Japanese tapas like gyoza or spareribs. It definitely makes more fun if you are a party of two and share some dishes on the menu. In addition to their Japanese tapas menu, Usagi also offering really good ramen soup if you don’t feel like sharing.

6.Wirtshaus in der Au, Au

You can find this traditional Bavarian place in the neighborhood of Au. Wirtshaus in der Au is serving all the Bavarian classics from Schnitzel to duck. However, the dish they are most famous for is their dumplings (“Knödel”). During the summer months, you can sit at a table on the cozy and sunny terrace.

7. Quattro Tavoli, Ludwigsvorstadt/Isarvorstadt

You find Quattro Tavoli in the neighborhood of Ludwigvorstadt/Isarvorstadt. The restaurant is rather small but the atmosphere is welcoming and intimate due to the authenticity of this place. Quattro Tavoli is serving straightforward down-to-earth Italian cuisine. If you ever feel like pasta, dessert and some drinks after your dinner this is your place.

We hope you liked the guide about the neighborhood restaurants in Munich.
Get excited about next week’s episode when we will feature the capital of Austria, Vienna. Feel free to send us a text on our social media channels if you feel that we have to feature your favorite neighborhood restaurant.