May 8, 2019

Guide to Street food in Berlin

The ultimate guide to the world's best streetfood places

Everybody loves street food right? It is hip, flavorful ,convenient and mostly affordable. As the name already suggests it street food is sold and enjoyed on the streets. Street food has a long history and in its beginnings street food was consumed by the poor and vendors tried to earn money to survive. The attitude towards street food has changed as the food is consumed by all categories of modern society. You can find street food now a days all around the world. Furthermore, there are many different cuisine types sold on the streets. Due to the limitation of space the vendor commonly offers only one or two items like a sausage, pizza, soup or curry but this dish is executed to near perfection.  Lately street food vendors have even made their way into the prestigious Michelin guide. A great achievement considering that the meal from the street food vendors are massively cheaper compared to the Michelin starred fine dining restaurants. Above all, the creators of the legendary food documentary “Chef’s table” have jumped on the hype train and have released a new documentary about street food.

We have made it to our mission to find the best street food places around the world. In our first edition we start with the German capital, Berlin. Street food in Berlin has been popular for several years now. As a result street food markets have already made their mark in Berlin’s food scene. As Berlin is an international melting pot you can find different varieties of street food. In addition to street food vendors you can also find some restaurants in Berlin that serve typical street food in a restaurant. A trend that has grown over time and has established some great neighborhood restaurants.
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Here is our guide to street food in Berlin.

Curry 36, Curried Sausage

Let’s kick off the list with the OG. Curry 36 is one of the oldest curried sausage vendors in Berlin. Sausage is one of the few German street food classics. Get your curried sausage with fries and sauces like ketchup or mayonnaise. You can basically get your curried sausage every hour of the day here.


Burgermeister, Burger


Arguably one of the best burgers in Berlin. Burgermeister at Schlessisches Tor is located in a redesigned urinal under the railway line. Burgermeister is offering a rather small selection of burger varieties as they have a clear focus on a minimalistic but perfectly executed burger. The fries are super crispy and the burger patty is grilled perfectly. Expect a queue during peak hours.


Mustafas Gemüse Döner, Döner


Although Döner is associated with Turkey the Turkish street food has also some origins in Germany. Indeed, the Döner was reinvented in Berlin. The Döner meat was originally served with rice but Mr Aygun, who can call himself the inventor of Döner Kebap, put the meat in a pita bread. Et voilà! Mustafas Gemüse Döner is one of the most famous Döner stalls in Berlin. Due to its popularity prepare yourself to queue for a while.

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Isn’t she lovely? ?

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Thaipark, Thai food


In Berlin’s Preußenpark you can find one of the largest Thai communities serving their food to the hungry folk. You are directly transported to a street food corner in Bangkok when you wander around the Preußenpark. The food market is only set up during good weather conditions. The variety of dishes is enormous. Indeed, you can find everything from starters to desserts from the Thai cuisine.


Markthalle IX, various cuisines


Last but not least one of the biggest attractions in Berlin when it comes to street Food. Markthalle IX is a market which offers street food on Thursday. Here you can find a vast variety of different stalls that offer street food. Find Peruvian ceviche, Brazilian tapioca or British pies. This place is definitely worth to pay a visit.

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Advent, Advent ein – quatsch, ganz viele – Lichtlein brennen. Übernacht hat sich die große Halle verwandelt: in eine Merry Markthalle! ? Voll bis oben hin mit Dingen, die den Winter schöner machen: Zum Essen, zum Anrichten und Einrichten, zum Anziehen und sich Herausputzen. Zum Verschenken . Dinge, die lange halten oder solche, die man gar nicht lange aufheben kann, weil sie dafür viel zu lecker sind… – – – – – – – – – – – Advent, Advent the first candle is being lit. The first? Nope, overnight the great hall has turned into a truly merry Markthalle with so many tiny lights even the Christmas elves lost count. ? A market hall full of things that make the winter more beautiful; to eat, to decorate, to wear, to give away. Gifts that last (or can’t be left lasting, because – let’s face it – they’re just too delicious to be put in the pantry…)

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